Rush Laser Tag is an adrenaline filled live action packed laser tag game. Tunzafun Rush laser tag hosts the latest in laser tag technology from Laserforce and most creative arena designs from around the world. The main aim being to zap your opponents before they zap you. Our laser tag arena can be adjusted to suit all ages and groups sizes.

1 x Game= $12 p/p     2 x Game= $20 p/p     $5 p/game after 2 games


Choose your level & Pull back the curtains to enter a dark room. As the curtains close behind you a web of laser beams present your challenge! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to navigate your way through the puzzle of lasers as quickly as you can without setting off the alarms. Compete as a team or as an individual against your friends.

1 x Game= $5     3 x Game= $10

time freak

3…….. 2…….. 1……..GO!
You’re immersed in heart pumping sound effects, voice prompts and vibrant 3-D props!
Run around and hit the flashing buttons as they present themselves on your side of the room faster than your opponent can hit theirs.

1 x Game= $3 p/p     3 x Game= $6 p/p

dodgem drifts

These are no ordinary Dodgems. Imported from Italy, this state of the art dodgem track and cars are the best in the industry. Fit two people in a car, plug in your token and hold on!

1 ride = $6 

black light mini golf

You will loose yourself in our most far fetched 9 hole course. It is the most exciting blacklight mini golf course ever seen!
Grab your glow in the dark golf ball and putter and enter a world of the sea, pirates and eventually end up at the Egyptian Sphinx.

1 x Game= $12 p/p     2 x Game= $20 p/p

Black Light Mini Golf