The ultimate immersive ride with real time 3D stereoscopic graphics combined with visual FX for an unparalleled multi-sensory experience. A motion simulated thrill ride that transcends time, space and imagination

2 G’s of force and up to 400 movements per second drives best-in-class simulation and immersion. Single seat technology provides superior guest experience to platform technology.


Put your goggles on and enter the arena for a blacklight, fast-paced, interactive game! Load your cannons with foam balls and let the excitement begin as you use you cannon and the probs to hide & shoot the other team members and their targets


Saddle up, load you rifle and start shooting. The aim is to shoot as many of the interactive target as you can as fast as you can so make sure you have a good aim. But, watch out the targets move and some will squirt you back. Oh and please don’t wake the old man, his very grumpy!

remote control cars

This well themed remote control car race track will have you racing your friends for the win as you race around our oval track.

arcade games

Enjoy all your favourite arcade games!