9D Extreme Motion Theatre

Wind, water, bubbles, snow, movement, fog, lightning and fire.
This is a simulator action ride suitable for both children and adults!

Your senses will be overwhelmed with the stimulating and exciting 3D animated movies with surround sound together with extreme motion, luxury seats and dramatic effects.

There are are over 40 exciting movies to choose from, I’m sure we can find a movie that suits everyone.  Sit back and enjoy the ride…………….

BIG Bass wheel

Reel in the Fun! Step up and pull the handle to spin the big wheel. When the wheel stops, you’re rewarded with tickets. For an even bigger catch, a Big Bass Bonus has been added where you can win up to 1000 tickets for a perfect spin!


Tune up your car and enjoy “Story Mode”, in which you’ll battle rivals from the original “Wangan Midnight”, “Online Ghost Versus Battle Mode”, in which you can battle against the ghosts of friends from all over online, “Time Attack Mode”, in which you try to beat your own record on the course of your choice, and the white-hot “In-store VS Player Mode”

down the clown

Knock down the clowns and win up to 500 tickets!  Take aim and throw those balls.


Put yourself in the hot seat with Deal or No Deal arcade. Just like in the popular TV show you get to choose a personal briefcase in order to win up to 400 tickets. One by one you must choose briefcases to open, closing in on your personal case. At times through the game the bank will make an offer where you have a choice to make. Take the deal or reject it to play on and risk your tickets. Deal or No Deal has two modes of play, normal play or double deal which doubles the tickets you can win and doubles your excitement!

mega stacker

Stack the blocks and win a major prize like an X-Box or PS4.  Keep building those blocks until you get to the top.

wizard of oz

Get ready, aim and fire the tokens to win Red and Green tokens and Wizard cards.  Try and get all 7 and receive a bonus 1000 ticket bonus!!  Take the tokens to the counter to redeem for tickets.