The Ultimate 3D Interactive Thrill Ride – this fantastic eight-seat simulation theatre will transport you on a journey of thrills and spills. This simulator is beyond the expectation, so be prepared to be blown away!

Movies include:
The Haunted Mine: A journey down the mine, but there’s only gold for fools. This is a ride into the fire-filled depths of the earth and beyond… ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK…!

Cosmic Coaster: This futuristic voyage will transport you to another planet! Speed through landscapes that you’ve never seen before, as you’re thrown from the highest cliffs, plummeting to the depths of an unknown, alien world….

Underwater Adventure: An exciting and splash free submarine adventure to the deepest depths of the ocean floor, where you will encounter great white sharks, underwater dragons, and many more strange and mystical underwater creatures.


Dead Heat isn’t the typical arcade driver. In fact, there is nothing typical about it. Dead Heat is an intense driving game that focuses on head-to-head competition. Every race is exciting and the thrill of tight races will have players scrambling for a re-match. Photos are taken of each player before the race and appear above their car during the race. This feature helps players identify their opponents quicker and heightens the competition. Players will know exactly who they are battling for first place with.


Big Buck Safari takes hunting to a new extreme with the new deluxe cabinet boasting a 42″ LCD monitor.  Big Buck Safari takes you across the entire continent of Africa as you hunt Gemsbok, Kudu, Sable, Cape Buffalo, Wildebeest and countless critters. The Trophy Animal adds a new twist to the game play by challenging the player to go after the elusive animals like Elephants, Giraffes, Rhinos and more.


Like the Time Crisis series, Razing Storm’s gameplay revolves around the use of the action pedal: step on the pedal to attack, and release it to hide and reload. Buildings, furniture, windows, appliances, you name it; everything can be destroyed!